Clopotarii Vechi Street, Bucharest (Feb 2022)

Sketch from a reference photo I took recently while walking on a weekend.

Materials used:

Arches Paper  – Hot pressed, 185 gsm, 100% cotton

Dip Pen – Tachikawa T-40 Rubber Grip Nibholder

Nikko G Nib

Watercolours – Winsor & Newton Professional: French Ultramarine (PB29), Yellow ochre (PY43), Alizarin Crimson (PR83).

Synthetic Brush – Winsor & Newton Cotman 111 Round No. 10

Life drawing. Jan 2019

Life drawing with two models. When only one model poses the other one is also drawing. 15 minutes each pose. Attended by mostly art students and some experienced artists to keep their skill in shape, this is an informal life drawing class organised by an artist in her studio in Bucharest. For this sketches I used charcoal and pencils on paper 60×40 cm, mounted on an easel

Botanical garden, Bucharest. May 2019

Botanical garden, Bucharest. May 2019

I find it very relaxing to draw in the Botanical garden. Much of the city noise is cancelled here, because the trees act as a natural wall. Also, there are so many too explore here: textures, patterns, botanical wonders.