Botanical garden, Bucharest. May 2019

Botanical garden, Bucharest. May 2019

I find it very relaxing to draw in the Botanical garden. Much of the city noise is cancelled here, because the trees act as a natural wall. Also, there are so many too explore here: textures, patterns, botanical wonders.

Izvorul Minunilor (Spring of Wonders)

This building with comercial for bottled water called “Izvorul Minunilor” (Spring of Wonders) is located in Crangasi, Bucharest and I pass it everyday on my way to work. Today I decided to draw it, finding also a good opportunity to study a cilindrical shape of such size.

Grant Bridge

Studying trains and perspective from Grant Bridge in Bucharest. This is a place where trains are parked and repaired. 30 minutes sketch.