Near Lujerului Street, Bucharest

Drawing on a random street of Bucharest. These new buildings and other under construction seem to have been raised on the sides of a former industrial railway. Today there have been many types of clouds in the sky, puffy white clouds in some parts or dark storm clouds in other.
For this sketch I used mixed media: coloured pencils, watercolor markers, acrylic markers on kraft paper.
June 2019

Casa Visoiu, Bucharest. Jun 2019

20 minutes sketch with a brushpen. This building on the corner of this cross streets, I pass everyday, dates back to 1927 as it can be seen on the front wall. Above the year number it is also written “Casa Visoiu”. This house seems to not be inhabited. All the windows have bars and shutters pulled down all the time.

Life drawing. Jan 2019

Life drawing with two models. When only one model poses the other one is also drawing. 15 minutes each pose. Attended by mostly art students and some experienced artists to keep their skill in shape, this is an informal life drawing class organised by an artist in her studio in Bucharest. For this sketches I used charcoal and pencils on paper 60×40 cm, mounted on an easel