Western capercaillie

The western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), also known as the Eurasian capercaillie, wood grouse, heather cock, cock-of-the-woods, or simply capercaillie

Materials used:

Watercolour sketchpad: Langton Watercolour Paper, cold-pressed, 100% cotton, 300 gsm

Watercolours; Winsor&Newton Professional

Sketch of a rooster

Materials used:

Watercolour sketchpad: Arches, Hot Pressed A4 185gsm, 100% cotton, 300 gsm

Pen for drawing: Duke  2009 Charlie Chaplin Commemoration Bent Nib Fountain Pen, Dark Blue Color, Calligraphy Collection Fude Pen 0.5-1.2 mm

Ink: Bulletproof EEL Noodlers’s Fountain Pen Ink-Black

Watercolor portable set: Micro Portable Painter Watercolor Palette filled with Daniel Smith Essential Set watercolors (Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose, Phthalo Blue (GS), New Gamboge, Pyrrol Scarlet, and French Ultramarine)

Watercolor brush:  Winsor&Newton Cotman, 111, Round No 10