Sketching a goose

Ink and watercolour
Direct watercolour

I sketched a goose today. Before filming the process for a YouTube video I tried out to sketch the goose to practise and to warm up my hand. There were 3 times I sketched the goose before the fourth final one.

The first one was with direct watercolour and background.

Graphite 3B pencil

The second drawing I did with a plain graphite 3B pencil with a bit of shading.

Watercolour and colored pencils

For the third one I began with a 3B pencil. Then I added watercolour and in the end I used some final touches of colored pencils.


For the sketch I filmed I used a fude bent nib fountain pen. Duke fountain pen with Noodler’s black waterproof ink. Then I applied watercolour. I should have waited longer for the ink to dry. Even though it is waterproof, the ink interacted with water creating a grey wash. This did not bother me, because I applied watercolour on the shady parts only. I did not do the background for the final one.  I learned from the preparatory sketches that a background makes the subject unclear. So, a white background makes the subject more readable.

Materials used:

Watercolour sketchpad: SMLT Art, watercolour paper, 100% cotton, 300 gsm

Pen for drawing: Duke  2009 Charlie Chaplin Commemoration Bent Nib Fountain Pen, Dark Blue Color, Calligraphy Collection Fude Pen 0.5-1.2 mm

Ink: Bulletproof EEL Noodlers’s Fountain Pen Ink-Black

Watercolours; Winsor&Newton Professional

Colored pencils: Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils

Graphite pencil: 3B, Faber Castell