Casa Visoiu, Bucharest. Jun 2019

20 minutes sketch with a brushpen. This building on the corner of this cross streets, I pass everyday, dates back to 1927 as it can be seen on the front wall. Above the year number it is also written “Casa Visoiu”. This house seems to not be inhabited. All the windows have bars and shutters pulled down all the time.

Botanical garden, Bucharest. May 2019

Botanical garden, Bucharest. May 2019

I find it very relaxing to draw in the Botanical garden. Much of the city noise is cancelled here, because the trees act as a natural wall. Also, there are so many too explore here: textures, patterns, botanical wonders.

Izvorul Minunilor (Spring of Wonders)

This building with comercial for bottled water called “Izvorul Minunilor” (Spring of Wonders) is located in Crangasi, Bucharest and I pass it everyday on my way to work. Today I decided to draw it, finding also a good opportunity to study a cilindrical shape of such size.

Grant Bridge

Studying trains and perspective from Grant Bridge in Bucharest. This is a place where trains are parked and repaired. 30 minutes sketch.